DIY Brazilian Sugaring Kit


A kit to fulfil all your Brazilian Sugaring needs.

This DIY kit comes with detailed instructions and tips to make your home sugaring experience a successful one. Each kit will supply you with enough product to do 2 maintenance Brazilians or one maintenance and inner thigh. Or, it will do up to 10 underarms. The sugar paste in this kit is of medium consistency. It is designed to be slower moving, as is required for smaller, warmer areas. The full leg kit comes with a softer, faster moving sugar designed for larger, cooler areas. Everything you need is included: 60ml Pre-Sugar Treatment cleanser, 30g Sugar Coat Powder, 125ml Sugaring Paste, 60ml Sugar Fix Tonic, 20 non-woven Strips, and 12 Applicator Sticks. For aftercare, the kit also includes the popular Dead Sea Salt Soap to help prevent ingrown hair.